Bravo Fisher!  talks about "fast tastes" in 'ORO'

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Bravo Fisher! talks about “fast tastes” in ‘ORO’

Bravo Fisher! He had not released music for four years, but the artist has started the year by putting an end to that drought. To do this, Guillermo Galguera’s project has turned to a theme that shows the most ironic, critical and fun side of him. A theme with which he intends to make ‘gold’ worth his return.

‘GOLD’, Bravo Fisher!’s new song, is a satire on today’s society. “Not everything that glitters is gold / There are shits that you keep like treasures,” she sings right at the beginning of the single, which is supported by a fairly electronic indie sound. In fact, within its three-minute run time, Bravo Fisher! A stop is allowed to make production more electronic.

Bravo Fisher! He thinks we create “broken toys”, but “bang! the shit comes later.” In a funny tone, the singer takes the opportunity to throw darts at the direction that life has taken: «No one remembers what never was / And always, bang!, long live modernity / What I love today, I can’t tomorrow nor see. The artist even asks you to take off “the blindfold from your eyes,” with which he is going to make a flag “to show the way to all the fools.”

«It’s taken me a long time to get here, I thought I’d never release anything new again, honestly, so what the hell, proud of me. ‘GOLD’ is about exalting false messiahs as gods, it is about how fickle our current tastes are, nothing remains, always in search of the new trend, compulsive consumption, fast tastes, denying what you once loved, etc etc etc”, wrote Bravo Fisher! in social networks.

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