Bloodstein and RUPTURA's electric 'armor'

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Bloodstein and RUPTURA's electric 'armor'

Bloodstein is the alias of Carlos de la Viña, a singer and composer living in Madrid who has a self-titled album published. 'bloodstein', from 2021, contains some of Bloodstein's most listened to songs, such as 'intro (until the cock of you)'. He, in all this time, has continued to grow.

This is attested to by the listens to 'something complicated' (2022), which exceed 230,000 streams, quadrupling those of 'intro', or 'Sigo en la Ventana' (2022). Bloodstein's sound is located in a lo-fi treatment of guitar styles such as grunge, college rock or post-punk. Both shoegaze and the obligatory autotune fit into his imagination.

There is something of all this in Bloodstein's new EP, 'Mierda'. Furthermore, the songs climb several steps of immediacy. Not only the guitars, but also the melodies, sound sharp as razors in 'If it weren't for you' or 'Azul'. The distortion of the guitars and the microphone are on point, like Italian pasta at its perfect degree of cooking.

The star theme of 'Shit' may be 'armor'. Living up to its title, the guitars raise a wall of relentless and unbreakable distortion. It's the Song of the Day for today, Monday.

'armor' is pure electric “Wall of sound”, a song designed to electrocute you with its avalanche of guitars. The formula is classic but it works: from the energetic introductory riffs, 'armor' takes off and transforms into a fast-paced bullet of sound. In the end, 'armor' relaxes and gives way to an outro performed alongside RUPTURA, whom you will know from her collaboration with Natalia Lacunza. From the whiplash, 'armor' passes into the alien voice.

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