Blood Orange, Duki and everything unreleased on Nathy Peluso's album

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Blood Orange, Duki and everything unreleased on Nathy Peluso's album

Nathy Peluso has revealed the official tracklist for 'GRASA', her new album, which goes on sale on May 24. The news is that it does not include absolutely any of the singles that Peluso has published in the last couple of years: neither 'You are very good' nor 'Tonta' or 'Salvaje', not even 'She has', her most recent single, will be part of the disk.

In its place, La Sandunguera offers 16 completely unreleased cuts. Among them is a collaboration with Blood Orange called 'The Day I Lost My Youth', and another with Duki titled 'Manhattan'. In addition, two current urban promises, the Brazilian based in Madrid Lua de Santana and the Argentine duo Paco Amoroso y Ca7riel, are also confirmed among the invited artists.

'GRASA' will open with a song that invokes 'Corleone' and will continue with others called 'Learn to Love', 'Legendary' or 'Radical Ideas' before closing with 'Mamá'.
01 Corleone
02 Learn to love
03 Real
04 Legendary
05 Metal stairs
06 Everything Broken ft. Paco Amoroso and Ca7riel
07 I don't believe anything (Skit)
08 Envy
09 Menina (ft. Lua De Santana)
10 radical ideas
11 Manhattan (ft. Duki)
12 The day I lost my youth (ft. Blood Orange)
13 The Dam
14 The lie
15 Remedy
16 Mom

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