Blam de Lam talk about pastor and faithful in 'The Preacher'

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Blam de Lam talk about pastor and faithful in ‘The Preacher’

Blam de Lam is back after 8 years of break. The group, which published its debut album ‘La Maquina y el Movimiento’ in 2013, and which later returned to the main scene with ‘Dualismo’, is already preparing its third album. And, although there is still little information we have about it, we already know their first single: ‘El Predicador’.

Blam de Lam’s comeback song is a nod to rock from decades ago. The song, immersed in aggressive instruments that create a lively atmosphere that transports us to sounds of the past, manages to remind us of other groups on the national scene such as Los Planetas.

As for the narrative, ‘The Preacher’ is a constant reference to religion. “The colors are accentuated as the sun sets / And I walked on the waters with elegance…”, sings Blam de Lam, pointing to biblical events. Light becomes one of the fundamental elements of the story.

“The idea for ‘The Preacher’ arose after watching a documentary about African-American evangelical pastors in the United States… What is striking is that perfect communion between pastor and faithful as if it were a call to insurrection,” the group commented on the matter. , alluding to “(…) a figure with a power of conviction to move masses and consciences like the character we have tried to represent in this song.”

Blam de Lam’s new album is expected next spring. Their creation process has lasted two years and they describe it as “an exciting, timeless, dynamic and electric album, which has been forged over a slow fire.”

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