Bizarrap and Young Miko team up to play with genres

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Bizarrap and Young Miko team up to play with genres

The music industry has received 2024 with great enthusiasm. Ask Ariana Grande or Lil Nas X, who have taken advantage of the first half of January to make their long-awaited musical returns. But they are not the only big names who have published songs. Bizarrap, one of the most successful artists of 2023, is betting big on this year and joins Young Miko on his new song.

This is the 58th single from the Argentine producer’s project titled ‘Bzrp Music Sessions’, in which he invites artists of the stature of Shakira and Quevedo to collaborate with him. On this occasion, the singer who has joined the Biza session is the Puerto Rican Young Miko. The singer, of Latin pop and urban music, arrives determined to experiment more than ever in a song that covers a wide variety of genres.

Without making it seem strange but reveling in its freshness and innovation, the song that begins is a very different one from the one that ends. Bizarrap session 58 is a journey that goes from trap and reggaeton to pop and R&B with constant synthesizers. And that’s if we focus on the musical journey, since the narrative journey has a totally Spanish flavor: the artists even mention Madrid and Mallorca throughout the single.

The lyrics also tell Young Miko’s vision of different issues without skipping details. Perhaps less explicit than Shakira but with equal conviction, the singer addresses everything from the vertigo caused by the world of fame (“There is no coverage up here anymore”) to the criticism for speaking openly about her sexuality (“I take them out of the grave, are they talking about me? I revive them”) or the time they turned off the lights at a concert (“My people turn on the flashes if I ask them to turn them up”). Be that as it may, the issue once again represents a blow to Bizarrap’s table. The best? There are quite a few of them and we still haven’t gotten tired.

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