'If You Are Not' by Iñigo Quintero, number 1 in Spain

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Bizarrap and Milo J can’t beat Iñigo Quintero in Singles Spain

Iñigo Quintero repeats for the second consecutive week at number 1 on Spain Singles. His song ‘Si No Así’ has managed to cross all borders and is already a global success. The song, which was published in September of last year, went viral a few weeks ago on social networks and it seems that it has not yet reached its peak.

It is precisely the phenomenon of Iñigo Quintero that prevents the Argentine Bizarrap from achieving another number 1 in our country. His new song with Milo J debuted at #53 with just a few days of tracking, but rises to #2 after its first full week of tracking. The singers’ other songs, ‘Fruto’, ‘Toy En El Mic’, ‘No Soy Eterno’, ‘Penas de Antaño’, come in at 22, 40, 46 and 63 respectively.

Quevedo’s new single with Soge Culebra and Garabatto, ‘I don’t think to call’, becomes the highest entry of the week with its debut at position 13. The collaboration combines electronic sounds with the reggaeton that characterizes the artists.

On the other hand, Morad, Dellafuente and Beny JR also manage to stand out one place lower with ‘No estar en lo malo’, the remix of one of the most successful songs from Morad’s latest album, ‘Reinsertado’, released before the summer.

Drake appears on the list again thanks to his song with Bad Bunny, ‘Gently’. It belongs to the rapper’s recently released album, ‘For All The Dogs’, and went viral for the verses that Drake dared to sing in Spanish. Enter directly to position 43.

Feid also stars in a new entry thanks to his song ‘Ferxxo 30’, which debuts at position 45 boosted by the release of the album ‘MOR, No Le Temas A La Oscuridad’.

Melendi continues to celebrate his musical career and releases another of his star songs in the company of another artist. On this occasion, her ‘Hablando en Plata’ with Hens comes in at number 82, a good debut that represents the continuation of her collaboration with Manuel Carrasco in ‘Con La Luna Llena’.

Finalizing the list, we find Soolking and Gazo’s entries with ‘Casanova’ in ’93, ‘Diluvio’ by Rauw Alejandro in ’95 and the English song ‘Greedy’ by Tate McRae in ’97.

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