Billie Eilish talks about masturbation before the release of 'Lunch'

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Billie Eilish talks about masturbation before the release of 'Lunch'

After the release of 'The Tortured Poets Department', only two albums remain to be released to put the icing on the cake to a first half of the year full of publications. One of them is Dua Lipa's, 'Radical Optimism', which arrives on May 3, and another is Billie Eilish's, 'Hit Me Hard and Soft', which arrives on the 17th. It was the latter, being the cover of the month of Rolling Stone, which has revealed more details about what will be the third work in his discography.

Although Eilish has not yet revealed which song she will send to the radio the same day the album is released (since there will be no previous single), everything indicates that the song chosen is 'Lunch'. Apart from the fact that she took advantage of one of the Coachella parties to show a (not so) brief fragment, it is the one she has talked about the most in her interview with Rolling Stone. Described by the magazine as “a 180-degree turn in both sound and thematic content” from her acclaimed 'What Was I Made For?', “it's a sexy, bass-heavy song that Eilish is so heavily into. from a girl who compares having sex with her to devouring a meal.

Finneas, with whom the artist collaborates again for this new album, has commented that 'Skinny', the opening song of 'Hit Me Hard and Soft', may remind us of 'What Was I Made For?' in what would be a completely false premise of what the rest of the album will give us. The really interesting thing appears in 'Lunch', with a lot of drums and presenting a different sound from the singer.

“I wrote part of 'Lunch' before I even did anything with a girl, and I wrote the rest afterward. I've liked girls my whole life, but I didn't understand it, until last year I realized that I wanted to have my face in a vagina. I had never thought to talk about my sexuality, not in a million years. It's really frustrating for me that it came up,” Billie Eilish acknowledges about her sexuality.

The artist has also talked about masturbation in order to break some “taboos for women”: “People should fucking masturbate. “I can't emphasize this enough, as someone who has had extreme body issues and dysmorphism her entire life.” The singer likes to masturbate in front of the mirror because it “makes her horny,” but also because it makes her “feel a raw and deep connection” with herself, as well as “a love” for her body that she “had never felt before.” .

«I have to admit that looking in the mirror and thinking 'I look great right now' is quite useful. I have learned that looking at myself and seeing myself feel pleasure has been extremely helpful in loving and accepting myself, and feeling empowered and comfortable. You can create a situation where you are comfortable to make sure you look good and like yourself. “You can make the lighting very dim, you can wear a specific outfit or be in a specific position that is more flattering,” she adds. 'Hit Me Hard and Soft' will go on sale next May 17 and will be the continuation of 'Happier Than Ever'.

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