Billie Eilish doesn't deny 'bad guy' even though she thinks it's "stupid"

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Billie Eilish doesn’t deny ‘bad guy’ even though she thinks it’s “stupid”

Billie Eilish has said that ‘bad guy’, her 2019 hit, seems like “the stupidest song in the world.” The artist has clarified that she thinks the song is “very good”, but that it is still “trolling.” “You have to take it with humor,” she notes, “it’s intended to be a bit of a silly song, but it’s funny because it’s silly. “It’s literally, ‘duh,’ what is that?”

Billie expressed these words on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and, accompanied by her brother Finneas, stated that she finds it “frustrating” that other artists “hate their own music,” because “then I don’t know why you’re doing this.” Billie has said that she and Finneas “are fans of what we do”, and has noted that “I love my own music, but it changes and transforms with me, sometimes it makes me a little embarrassed, but I appreciate it anyway.” .

Billie may be referring, indirectly, to Doja Cat, who has recently publicly disowned her two previous albums, considering them too pop and “mediocre” and also two albums made to “get the better of” her own followers.

In addition to the “stupidest song in the world”, ‘bad guy’ was also the most successful song of 2019, surpassing the listeners of Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ by several million.

In 2023, Billie has triumphed with ‘What Was I Made For?’, her beautiful ballad composed for the ‘Barbie’ soundtrack. Recently, Eilish has hinted that her third studio album is coming, as she has stated that she has “a lot of music coming.”

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