Big Up! Calles Cartagena desvela proyectos seleccionados e itinerario

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Big Up! Calles Cartagena reveals selected projects and itinerary

Karlan, Eclectitonta, Helio, Calare, Joseluis and Aixa will be the April 20th presenting their proposal in different urban corners of Cartagena. He Big Up! Streets is once again that live showcase of talent in the shooting for the discovery of the public and professionals in the sector.

It is no coincidence that the Big Up! Calles landed in Cartagena. Without a doubt, the event organized by ICA, Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts of the Region of Murcia, has been a launching pad for bands from Cartagena such as Nunatak or Arde Bogotá. This is why on April 20 and with the help of the Cartagena City Council, the Big Up! will display throughout the city that showcase of bands that usually completes the great program of panels, conferences and debates at the Murcia event (this year at the beginning of October in Murcia).

The objective of Big Up! Streets of Cartagena is to publicize the talent and musical concerns that coexist in the Region of Murcia through acoustic concerts in different locations in the city, with the presence of a group of national experts who will be invited to act as scouts and advisors. For this reason, on March 24, a call for applications was closed with more than fifty registrations from which six projects have been selected: Karlan, Eclectitonta, Helio, Calare, Joseluis and Aixa. They will all perform in an unplugged performance format without technical production. In this way, the essence of each of them is valued on equal terms.

About the six selected bands:

Karlan Pop rock melodies with lyrics about positivity, breaking with the established, or common feelings, full of irony and flavor. With the production of Lalo GV, Karlan released their first EP in 2023 and with only four singles they have managed in a very short time to end the year with two nominations for the Yepes Music Awards of the Region of Murcia, and to be finalists in the competition. B-SIDE bands, for best song of 2023 with 'Julia', which is on its way to 20,000 views.

The project Eclectitonta was born in 2022, where Llanos Ruiz creates a character in which he places his concerns, disappointments and insecurities, so typical of his generation. The influence of series, movies and, above all, musicals from the 2000s is fundamental, from which the theatricalization is born both in the music and in their live performances. An ironic and fun tone is mixed with both personal and universal experiences, trying to experiment with musical genres.

Helium It is melancholy and energy, sweetness and drama, sad lyrics and pop music, it is the musical alter ego of Jose Rodilla, a musician from Murcia who uses indie pop as a channel to talk about the nostalgia of what could have been and was not. Without fear of self-criticism, between longing and remorse, Helio invites you to his room with his computer, his electric guitar and his synthesizer.

Calare is a band made up of four kids in their twenties that was born in the spring of 2022, recording their first demos in an austere place in Cartagena. Their sound is influenced by emo and American pop punk of the 2010s, little done in the Spanish language, where the Sincere and emotional lyrics merge with hard and forceful instrumentals, but at the same time delicate and melodic. Calare is a response to the absence of a scene where rock bands can grow and show their music to an audience lacking references who still believe in groups, gigs in seedy clubs and great guitars. They are currently working on the release of their first LP.

For Jose Luis His life is inseparable from his songs, in which he writes as he speaks and plays as he can and sings as he knows how. José Luis Beltrán presents sincere music influenced by Neil Young, Big Thief, Alex G or Elliott Smith, but that sounds like Joseluis.

Aixa is an urban music project in which roots music is fused with synthesizers and Latin rhythms. The artist learned to sing listening to the melodies of her mother and her grandmother while they worked the land or cooked for the family, drinking in a deep essence of the southeastern area so characteristic of where she comes from. The project relies on these roots to honor the women in her life, with lyrics of love, heartbreak, pain and survival.

The assigned locations on the tour Discovery will follow the following order:

12:30 p.m. Heroes of Cavite Squareat a point from which they will have as props, the sculptural group commemorating the Spaniards who died in the Spanish-American War, made in 1923 by the sculptor Julio González Pola and the Town Hall Palace is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful buildings from Cartagena.

1:00 p.m. San Sebastian Square A very important part of the artery of Cartagena that goes from the Plaza de España to the Alfonso XII Pier. Documents related to the ancient fortifications of Cartagena speak of that the walls that surrounded Cartagena had five entrance and exit gates. One of them was called Puerta de Murcia.

4:30 p.m. Saint Francis Square The square is located in the space occupied by the Convent of San Francisco, and among the modernist architecture that surrounds the square, the Casa Maestre stands out, inspired by Gaudí's Casa Calvet, and which will serve as a backdrop for the occasional stage of Big Up! Streets of Cartagena. Let's remember that they are traveling stages and 25-minute unplugged concerts.

5:30 p.m. Flashlightin Torres Park Arab lighthouse from the 9th century that is still preserved as a symbol that served as a guide for sailors in the port of Cartagena.

7:30 p.m. Roman theatre. For which access will be possible to the general public, until capacity is reached, once the seats of the professional delegates are covered. Located on Cerro de la Concepción, the highest of the five hills that make up the topography of the city, the traveling stage of Big Up! Calles de Cartagena will be located on the stage front, closing the stands and divided into two floors decorated with columns.

8:30 p.m. Port of Cartagena (Espacio Cuarentaytres) Since the founding of Cartagena, the Port of Cartagena has been linked to its history, and has contributed to its development, its configuration, its personality and has given it its essence. Espacio Cuarentaytrés, called to be a gastronomic and leisure benchmark in the Region of Murcia, will open the doors to Big Up! Streets of Cartagena, for those who want to attend the sixth and last point of Big Up! Streets of Cartagena.

Estrella Levante Tapa Route.

Six Cartagena bars make up a gastronomic tour and in each of them you can taste a special tapa for the Big Up! Cartagena streets. The Star Tapa Route will pass through The Cartel, To the Bar, Larvi, The Pinch, The Fine Tina and Cuarentaytres Space.

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