Benidorm Fest has already been a perfect catharsis for Angy

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Benidorm Fest has already been a perfect catharsis for Angy

«Whoever wins, I have won with the process, with the team, with the message reaching you. I just hope to improve my nerves and give it my all x100 and that what I feel reaches you. I came to Benidorm Fest for that. Vote what you think is appropriate for the festival.

This is the message that Angy left last night on She already feels like a winner. Like Varry Brava, for example, she already feels that being in the final is a victory because she sees that her message has been understood. That it was none other than a reaffirmation of herself, as she told her in the first second of the interview with María Eizaguirre. “’I know who I am’ is a reaffirmation of that search that I have been doing for years, that I think we all do. The discovery, the self-discovery, the journey to knowing who we are. I think there is less left, that the day I get on stage at Benidorm I will really know who I am there.

That’s what happened in the first semi-final of Beniform Fest, when we saw Angy on stage facing her image in the mirror, just as part of a journey of self-recognition. Pure therapy. The past (“I am someone who doubted when they told him “No””, “I am a disaster, a pure disaster”) contrasts with the hope for the future: “I will conquer my fears with my heart. I will win the game of being unique in the universe. “I no longer need your approval.”

In fact, Angy was writing a pop song for Benidorm Fest when she came across this one, and felt it was the right one. «The truth is that the song was a demo that was not me. I composed something different, more pop, but I felt that it didn’t fully represent me. And, looking for the song, suddenly this one appeared,” she indicated in an interview. And she added in another in reference to her pop-rock musical beginnings: “The lyrics are tailored to me and when there are guitars and punch… that fills me.”

Angy spoke at length last year about her mental health problems, although she did not like the headlines about the suicidal thoughts she has had. “When we think that, we have to think about the people who love us,” she said. «I am lucky enough to pay for therapy, but there are people who don’t. If I have felt screwed, imagine the people who cannot pay for therapy or who cannot make ends meet, people who come out of the closet, bullying, transsexuals… The head is a very rough move. When you are like this, you have to tell it. I made it public, but it doesn’t have to be that way. But yes (you have to tell it) to the people around you, because they see it and they are there. My mother didn’t leave me alone. I said ‘how am I going to do this to my mother’. “You want to get out of the way because, in my case, I felt like I was a burden on others.”

In every sense, ‘I Know Who I Am’ is a catharsis after a turbulent period in Angy’s career, and clearly that reinvention that she recently alluded to on social networks. To understand why she says that “she has won with the process” you just have to see that staging in which the shadows point their fingers at her, only to embrace her at the end. A process of acceptance – her therapy – represented in 3 minutes in a totally captivating way.

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