Beat, supergrupo con Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Steve Vai y Danny Carey

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Beat, supergroup with Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Steve Vai and Danny Carey

beat is the new group formed by Adrian Belew and Tony Levinoriginal members of King CrimsonWith Steve Vai and Danny Carey (Tool). The four musicians join together on a US tour that will revive three of the eighties band's most iconic albums.

The progressive rock of King Crimson will sound again on stage. beat is the new band formed by the guitarist Adrian Belew (David Bowie and Talking Heads), the bassist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), the guitarist Steve Vai and the drummer Danny Carey (Tools). The four musicians join together on a US tour focused on the iconic group's repertoire from the '80s.

Specifically, they will remember the stage in which they served Belew and levinwhen they recorded the albums “Discipline” (81), “Beat” (82) and “Three Of A Perfect Pair” (84). Therefore, the setlist will focus on songs from this stage of King Crimson, through a “creative reinterpretation” as they have announced. They also have the approval of the guitarist and founding member of the original formation, Robert Frippwho suggested they use the name beat.

Belew has stated the following about this project: “For the fans who experienced it then, and for those who never got to witness it, our goal is to revive this timeless music.” The tour will start on September 13th in Saint Joseph (California) and will end November 8th in Las Vegas (Snowfall). At the moment it is unknown if she could make the jump to Europe in the future. To avoid missing any details, you can consult the Beat website.

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