Bb trickz walks 'Charlie Brown' in his new single

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Bb trickz walks ‘Charlie Brown’ in his new single

Bb trickz, the viral sensation of 2023, continues to deliver new music. His new single is titled ‘Charlie Brown’, like the well-known cartoon, and has been released in the last few hours.

‘Charlie Brown’ is another typical Bb trickz fare and includes phrases that could only have come from his pen, like the one in which he attacks a “hoe” (“whore”) because “she fucks the sides,” that is, “those from the Raval who sell beer for one euro.” This is how he explains it.

In ‘Charlie Brown’, Belize Kazi makes references to her own record contract (“a new album contract, they got you in the first round”), to her life, which deserves “a few Goyas”, or to the “shitty” music that their rivals make. Belize raps over a busy Sylvan beat, which mixes laser shots with a sample of a female soul voice.

‘Charlie Brown’ is Bb trickz’s second single in just a few days. On November 1, the day of Leonor’s swearing-in to the Crown, Bb trickz decided to publish the single ‘VIVA ESPAÑA!!!’, where he raps that she “is more Messi than the king of Spain.” The beat, with echoes of the Cuban son, is signed by Shah Major and Loudz. The video clip is a “Cayetanos party”, according to the official press release.

The cover of ‘VIVA ESPAÑA!!!’ once again uses the silhouette of the Osborne Bull, a reference to the cover of ‘Missionsuicide’, the single that put Bb trickz on the map. It is included on their EP ‘Trickstar’.

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