Barcelona se teñirá de indie folk a finales de agosto

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Barcelona will be dyed with indie folk at the end of August

The Poble Espanyol in Barcelona will host the August 31 a very special day starring sounds indie folk. They will participate in the event Xavier Rudd, Hollow Coves, Ramon Mirabet and Hayley Reardon.

In summer, Barcelona has always been an ideal terrain for indie folk, due to its climate next to the coast. Hence many proposals have permeated the city, visiting us repeatedly. But what will happen in the Poble Espanyol on August 31 It will be different. Because it will be a day of concerts by several protagonists who will perform one after another combining indie folk, reggae and even rock over several hours, with gastronomic options to round out the experience.

But let's go to the protagonists – who will perform from six in the afternoon until midnight on the stage of the Plaza Mayor. The four participating names are the Australian musician and activist Xavier Rudd, well known in our country after visiting us on many occasions; the Australian duo Hollow Coves, authors of a long list of songs to remember and who will be presenting “Nothing To Lose”, an album that tells us about facing the digital age calmly and above all with love and affection; the Spanish Ramon Mirabet, without a doubt one of the great exponents of folk pop in our country and known beyond our borders. And finally, the young promise of American folk, Hayley Reardonwith his sincere and moving songs and who is also known for having worked with Barcelona artists such as Pau Figueres, Aniol Bestit either Judith Neddermann.

Tickets will go on sale this Thursday May 9 in

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