“Mal Agüero”, la llamada a la reflexión de Ada Moon

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“Bad Omen”, Ada Moon's call to reflection

The Murcian urban music composer, producer and singer Ada Moon returns with a new song: “Mal Agüero”, with which she tells us about female lineage and inherited emotional burdens.

Ada Moon He will publish his new EP at the end of this year: “Animal”, but first he offers us this exclusive song that will not appear on his new album. The multifaceted artist Ada Moon emerges as an unstoppable creative force with this latest release, now available along with a new video clip. “Mal Agüero” revolves around the ability to fight and overcome, how adversities can be transformed into opportunities for growth and empowerment. With the collaboration of the flamenco guitarist Antonio Cabrera Cortesboth artists invite us on an emotional journey that transcends time and space.

The sound aesthetic of “Mal Agüero” is “an amalgamation of hip hop elements and flamenco touches, weaving a unique sound tapestry that is both intimate and expansive,” is how the artist defines it. With a mix of synthesizers, drum machines, processed sounds and the warm resonance of the flamenco guitar, the song transports us to a universe where ancient and modern converge in a hypnotic dance of sounds and emotions. For toda Moon, “Mal Agüero” is more than a song; It is a call to reflection and action.

We are facing a good musical appetizer before the publication of his new EP “Animal”, scheduled for the end of this year. Without a doubt this will be a project that Ada Moon already described as the result of years of learning and artistic growth. With a sound that promises to surprise and captivate his followers, 'Animal' It will represent a new chapter in his musical career.

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