Bad Gyal presents 'La Joia' and announces his new tour

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Bad Gyal in response to Rauw’s twerking attempt: “I’m going to sing”

Bad Gyal was one of the guest artists at the concert that Rauw Alejandro offered this Saturday in Puerto Rico. However, the collaboration between the two turned into a disagreement when Rauw tried to “twerk” Bad Gyal during a song, and she rejected him. In one of the videos that are circulating on the networks, Rauw is seen approaching Alba Farelo from behind her, putting his nose close to her neck, to which Alba responds by pushing the singer away from her with her arm.

“I wanted to twerk with Bad Gyal but she was kind of shy, I don’t know” was Rauw’s response at the end of the song. Bad Gyal responded “No, no, no, don’t let me get involved because there are a lot of pretty girls around here,” to which Alejandro replied, stung: “Get involved in what? Yes, I’m single, mom. And you?”. Bad Gyal settled the issue by declaring that “I’m going to do what I have to do, which is sing.” Rauw and Bad Gyal still had one song left to sing together, ‘Zorra’, after having also performed ‘Fiebre’ and ‘Chulo’ together. “I’m going to sing the one that’s my turn now and I’m going to leave you with the Rauw to continue the party,” concluded the Catalan. Rauw drew a thick veil, asking for “a noise for all women.”

The networks have been filled with criticism of Rauw’s “sexist” and “misogynistic” attitude, disgracing him for putting his own singleness before the consent of the Catalan woman. However, Bad Gyal seems to stick with the positive: on Instagram she thanked Rauw for the invitation and wrote that she had a “super good time” during the show. Bad Gyal has just released ‘Give Me’, the umpteenth single from his next album, ‘La joia’, which comes out in January.

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