Bad Bunny puts Aznavour, Madonna and trap before reggaeton in "nobody knows..."

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Bad Bunny puts Aznavour, Madonna and trap before reggaeton in “nobody knows…”

Bad Bunny released his new album tonight ‘no one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow’, a title that comes with the world immersed in a new uncertainty, due to which the conflict between Israel and Palestine has worsened in recent days. . That is not the theme of this album, however, although the artist opens the project with a solemn big orchestra theme, lasting more than 6 minutes, in which he talks about some of his latest sensations and controversies. Like the day he threw a fan’s cell phone into the water (“you’re not my real fan, that’s why I threw my cell phone at you”).

The album has been presented with two singles called ‘WHERE SHE GOES’ and ‘UN PREVIEW’, which are not at all representative of what we find in this hour and 20 of music. The most striking thing is that the main single ‘MONACO’ contains a resounding vindication of Charles Aznavour, one of the great geniuses of French song. We hear arrangements of ‘Hier encore’ and his own voice as leitmotiv. In those first moments of the album, the Kanye West of great samples and great gospels seems like a reference.

If you thought that you could “vogue” with the single ‘WHERE SHE GOES’, framed in the “club rap” fashion, that trend is confirmed in the track ‘CYBERTRUCK’, which is not in vain succeeded by an interlude called ‘VOU 787 ‘ in which Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ is sampled. We do not find the artist credited, but we do mention: «If I were a woman, I would be Madonna, I would be Rihanna (RiRi) / Implanting fashion; Mariana and Silvana.

‘no one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow’ does not seem to contain featurings, because there is no one else visibly invited if we look at the album on platforms. But it’s not true. Mora appears on the smashing techno of ‘HIBIKI’. Luar LL appears rapping on ‘TELÉFONO NUEVO’, a song that mentions Michael Jackson. And Ñengo Flow & De La Ghetto are among the guests of ‘ACHO PR’.

Bad Bunny says that he is neither a “rapper nor a trapper” in ‘NADIE SABE’, but there is a lot of rap and especially trap in the bulk of these 22 songs. What there is almost no is reggaeton. He would say that you have to let up to 19 tracks on the album pass for a clear reggaeton to appear, that of ‘PERRO NEGRO’. In fact, his first phrase, spoken by a female voice, is “At least give me a little dog, love.” Among the most playful tracks, the synthesizers of ‘NO ME QUIERO CASAR’, a rare avis within this project, and the R&B of ‘LOS PITS’.

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