Bad Bunny ousts Íñigo Quintero and takes almost the entire top 30 in Spain

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Bad Bunny ousts Íñigo Quintero and takes almost the entire top 30 in Spain

Iñigo Quintero can’t handle Bad Bunny and the release of his new album. The artist, who had been at number 1 for several consecutive weeks with ‘Si No estars’, gives up the first position to Bad Bunny’s new single, ‘MONACO’. The Spanish artist, however, manages to survive the hurricane and remains firmly in second place.

However, Bad Bunny meets all expectations and makes a great debut with the songs ‘nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow’, which was our last Album of the Week. The Puerto Rican puts up to six songs in the top 10 and four in the top 5: ‘MONACO’ at the top of the ranking, ‘PERRO NEGRO’ with Feid at 3, ‘HIBIKI’ with Mora at 4, ‘FINA’ with Young Miko at 5, ‘SILK’ with Bryant Myers at 6 and ‘NOBODY KNOWS’ at 7.

The rest of the song themes flood the top 31 of the list. ‘TELEFONO NUEVO’ with Luar La L at 11, ‘MR. OCTOBER’ at 13, ‘BABY NEW’ at 14, ‘THUNDER Y LIGHTNING’ with Eladio Carrion at 15, ‘CYBERTRUCK’ at 17, the single ‘UN PREVIEW’ at 20, ‘GRACIAS POR NADA’ at 21, ‘ACHO PR’ with Arcangel, De La Ghetto and Ñengo Flow at 22, ‘MERCEDES CAROTA’ with Yovngchimi at 23, ‘VOU 787’ at 25, ‘LOS PITS’ at 27, ‘NO ME QUIERO MARRIA’ ‘ at 29, ‘VUELVE CANDY B’ at 30 and the single ‘WHERE SHE GOES’ at 31.

The success of Bad Bunny has meant that few new songs could enter the list this week. One of the survivors is ‘OA’, a collaboration between Anuel AA, Quevedo, Maluma, Mambo Kingz and DJ Luia that barely makes it into the top 10. The other two are ‘COLMILLO’ in position 51, where Tainy joins , J Balvin, Young Miko, Jowell and Randy, and ‘SEYA’ by Gims and Morad at number 79.

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