Bad Bunny gets on a horse on his Most Wanted Tour

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Bad Bunny gets on a horse on his Most Wanted Tour

Bad Bunny is back on stage. The Puerto Rican, who released his fifth album at the end of 2023, has just kicked off his new tour to promote it. The first stage is through the United States and began last night at the Delta Center stadium in the city of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The author of ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana’ has presented a setlist of almost 40 songs that, although dominated by trap, fortunately does not fulfill his threat of leaving reggaeton aside. Even with this, the great surprise of this start of the tour is that, despite its title Most Wanted Tour, the artist has not yet hung up the sold out sign at any of the 46 stops that he has ahead of him.

However, the most talked about thing about this first concert has been the entrance of Bad Bunny… on horseback. Winking at the cover of his latest album, the singer has fulfilled his dream and he showed up to the concert on a horse. As expected, this decision has generated a great division of opinions on social networks.

But Bad Bunny continues doing his thing and has not only been on stage in recent days. The artist seems to have spent time in the studio, as he has teased a future song titled ‘EUROPE’ through your WhatsApp channel. «I had a song for today but I didn’t even record it, I don’t know why. It was a very special and personal one. It’s called ‘EUROPA :(‘. Maybe I’ll sing it on tour, I don’t know. I’ll think about it,” she wrote. Is she playing with the double meaning and alluding to the announcement of the European leg of the tour?

This is the setlist of the first show of the Most Wanted Tour:
#1. Nobody knows
#2. Monaco
#3. Fine
#4. Hibiki
#5. Mr. October
#6. Mercedes Carota
#7. Cybertruck
#8. Vou 787
#9. Silk
#10. Baticano
#eleven. New phone
#12. You Don’t Put Goat
#13. For you
#14. Don’t do it
#fifteen. Comes back
#16. It kills me
#17. I’m worse
#18. You Don’t Live Like That
#19. Chambea
#twenty. tell them
#twenty-one. 8/25
#22. Candy B is back
#23. Thunder and Lightning
#24. Thanks for nothing
#25. a x100to
#26. Baby New
#27. Black Dog
#28. safaera
#29. I Perreo Alone
#30. The Saint
#31. The Jumpa
#32. Dakiti
#33. Effect
#3. 4. I Behave Pretty
#35. A Preview
#36. I do not want to get married
#37. Where She Goes

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