Bad Bunny ousts Íñigo Quintero and takes almost the entire top 30 in Spain

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Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner have broken up

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner have ended their relationship, confirm People. The singer and the model were seen in public together for the first time last February, on a four-way date with Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber. Their last appearance together took place at a Saturday Night Live afterparty last October.

Although neither Benito Ocasio nor Kendall Jenner have ever publicly confirmed their relationship, they have been seen together on several occasions. In the summer they were photographed together riding horses, and some think that the equestrian imagery of ‘Nobody Knows What’s Gonna Happen Tomorrow’, Bad Bunny’s latest album, is related to that moment. They were also spotted huddling together at Coachella.

Bad Bunny may have referenced his relationship with Kendall in one of the most popular songs from his latest album. In ‘Fina’, the Puerto Rican alludes to a language barrier (“they wonder how we communicate, hey, I’d better not even tell them”), and describes that he and his girl have “fucked” at his “sister’s” house. her. Before, Young Miko, guest artist, seems to give another clue in the first verse of the song, insinuating that the person he is interested in is famous: “your gaze is deep and mine is penetrating, I feel like I’ve known you before.” », he expresses. However, the next sentence would defeat the argument. Young Miko sings that she “told me she’d never been with a singer” (using the masculine gender). However, Kendall has been linked to several singers in the past, including Harry Styles.

Benito thus ends a year that, on the other hand, has once again been magnificent on a professional level, as the Puerto Rican has placed second among the 10 most listened to artists on Spotify globally, only surpassed by Taylor Swift; and in first place of the 10 most listened to artists in Spain. Within our borders, ‘A summer without you’ and ‘Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow’ have placed third and fourth among the most listened to albums of the year, respectively. This summer it has been confirmed that ‘A summer without you’ is the most listened to album in the history of Spotify.

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