Axl Rose is accused of sexual abuse

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Axl Rose is accused of sexual abuse

Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, has been denounced for rape after the accusation of having sexually assaulted the model and actress Sheila Kennedy. The events would have occurred in a hotel room in 1989, as Rolling Stone has learned.

Sheila Kennedy, in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in New York Supreme Court, alleges that Axl Rose sexually abused her the night they met, when she was 26 years old. According to the complaint, the two met for the first time in a nightclub, just the day he later raped her in a hotel room.

Sheila Kennedy has stated in the lawsuit that a friend had invited her to said club to meet the band, according to Rolling Stone. Later, Axl Rose would invite Kennedy to a party held in one of the hotel rooms. There, when Kennedy went to the bathroom, Rose was allegedly waiting outside the door and, when the model came out, he “pushed her against the wall and kissed her.”

«Kennedy found Rose attractive and did not mind this meeting. “She was willing to sleep with him if things progressed,” the lawsuit says. However, she says that she did not give her consent for the alleged sexual encounter with Rose that would occur that same night.

Then, according to the lawsuit, Rose would have sexual relations with another model, and would even propose group sex. She would later get into a fight with the other model, whom she would call a “fucking whore”, and then meet Kennedy and grab her in a bad way until she rapes her.

This isn’t the first time Sheila Kennedy has shared details about her alleged experience with Axl Rose, writing about it in her 2016 autobiography, ‘No One’s Pet.’ Axl Rose, who has been accused of domestic and sexual abuse several times in the past, has denied such allegations.

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