Avoid otitis with earplugs for bathing and swimming

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Avoid otitis with earplugs for bathing and swimming

Summer is fully established in Spain and it shows in the temperatures. And in the face of heat, the most logical and widespread reaction is bathing in pools and beaches. However, water can be the transmitting channel of a ear infection and the appearance of an annoying otitiswhich almost always causes otalgia. In the following post we explain the advantages of using plugs for bathing and swimming that prevent this water entry.

This post is a classic every summer. But if we insist on the need to protect our ears from water, it is because swimsuit otitis or swimmer’s ear It is the common one. And the most general: one in three Spaniards suffer from it every summer and in fact it is one of the most common reasons for consultation in Primary Care centers during the summer season.

As the name itself indicates, bather’s or swimmer’s otitis is an annoying infection caused by the entry of water and prolonged humidity into the external auditory canal. Therefore, there is no secret here either, the best advice is prevention: dry your ears well with the tip of a towel or gauze after the dip. The doctor Juan Royoone of the experts of the hearing health community Living Soundalso advises spray preparations that dry the moisture in the ear canal and do not allow earwax to accumulate. However, he acknowledges, “The most effective thing is to use plugs that fit well in our ears and prevent the entry of water.”.

At UMusic we have different models of plugs for bathing and swimming. The plugs most in demand by swimming fans are the classic molds. These are plugs made to the exact size of each person, made of soft and light material, which makes them very comfortable to wear, apart from being easy to insert and remove. For adults, we also count the Ear Band It Ultraan adjustable neoprene band that is placed on the head, covering both ears.

Also for those who are fond of diving, UMusic has the Proear 2000 diving goggleswhich not only prevent the entry of water, but also incorporate built-in hearing protectors that They allow diving by equalizing the pressure that the eardrum can withstand.

Children’s bath plugs

If there are some undisputed lovers of water in summer, those are the little ones. And for them, at UMusic we have a children’s line of custom-made caps in different colors: the Trendy Colors.

Also for children there is a children’s version of the Ear It Bandwith three sizes: small (for children between 1 and 3 years old), medium (from 4 to 9 years old) and large (from 10 years old).

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