Auriculotherapy and the benefits of acupuncture in the ear

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Auriculotherapy and the benefits of acupuncture in the ear

What is auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture?

Auriculotherapy is a technique that allows you to stimulate certain points located in the ear to relieve ailments such as stressthe anxietyhe insomniathe depressionthe vertigo or the lumbago. Experts place the number of points related to the human body found in the ear at around one hundred.

What is ear acupuncture for?

Ear acupuncture is not recommended for patients who present symptoms of exhaustion or weakness, nor for people with severe asthma or hypertension and pregnant women during the first two trimesters of pregnancy. Its application is also not recommended in under 7 years oldwhile in the case of older people the professional has the last word.

Regarding the execution of auriculotherapy, does not necessarily involve the use of needles. Furthermore, the use of a type of magnetic pelletsstainless steel and hypoallergenic, as well as the digital massages. The pathology that each patient presents is what will determine the point of the ear where the needle or pellets will be placed, or where it will be pressed with the fingers.

Acupuncture treatment points on the ear

Among the specific treatment points that the ear presents, the most notable are four, as the masseuse summarizes on her website. María Carrión Blázquez:

  • He kidney pointwhich helps reduce fear, anxiety, vertigo and insomnia.
  • He liver pointwhich is used for detoxification and reduction of intense anger.
  • He lung pointwhich helps achieve deeper breathing and release pain.
  • He autonomous pointwhich helps to achieve calm and relaxation, as well as combat stress, depression, psychological and emotional disorders and also gynecological problems.

Auriculotherapy is also having a growing boom as treatment to reduce overweight. Acupuncture in the ear manages to stop the feeling of anxiety which usually accompanies almost all weight loss diets.

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