Audio Research GSi75

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Audio Research GSi75

An exceptional integrated amplifier in homage to the spirit of Galileo Galilei equipped with the latest in technology

Become an audio legend in its own right, the American firm Audio Research takes its continuous search for sonic truth to new heights of excellence with what is, without a doubt, the most sophisticated integrated amplifier that has ever been part of its catalog. . Belonging to the young and elite G Series – in homage to the Italian astronomer and scientist Galileo Galilei – of the Minnesota brand, the GSi75 condenses the know-how of more than four decades in the field of tube electronics to establish a bridge between the past and future through a unique combination of technological and aesthetic refinement.

Thus, the GSi75 not only integrates a preamplification and reference power amplification section, but also a state-of-the-art D/A conversion block to facilitate listening to high-resolution digital files and an elaborate headphone amplifier. All this in the context of a construction quality that borders on perfection, a design in which a minimalist spirit, functionality and sophistication and great ease of use coexist harmoniously. Faithful to the Audio Research philosophy, the brand’s new absolute reference integrated amplifier allows it to reach new heights of sonorous excellence thanks to the incorporation of the innovative KT150 power tubes (two per channel driven by double 6H30 triodes), which give it , together with an opulent and refined power block, unprecedented flexibility when attacking speakers that are usually “difficult” for tube electronics, to the point that the very conservative 75 continuous watts per channel that it delivers allow it to overcome to many conventional power stages. Regarding the digital section, it is worth highlighting the presence of a high-precision master clock (the intrinsic jitter level is less than 10 picoseconds, an exceptional record) with independent synchronization circuits for sampling frequencies of 44 ‘1/88’2/176’4 kHz on the one hand and 48/96/192 kHz on the other, to which we must add the latest generation “chips”, cutting-edge connectivity (USB 2.0 HS included) and the DSD file support.

The character of a product without compromise of the GSi75 is completed with the use of a circuit topology that allows it to exhibit spectacular performance in parameters as relevant as the frequency response (with cut-off points at -3 dB at 1 Hz and 70 kHz), the rise time (4 us) or the “slew rate” (10 V/us).

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