Audeze SINE, the first on-ear planamagnetic headphones

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Audeze SINE, the first on-ear planamagnetic headphones

The first on-ear planamagnetic headphones
SINE headphones, with Audeze planomagnetic technology, are the next level in audio quality for many users. Instead of classic synamic drivers, planomagnetic technology delivers punchy, dynamic and detailed sound. In fact, they sound like much larger headphones.

Its lightness and foldability highlight its portable nature. Once again, Audeze has had a strategic partner BMW DesignWorks USA for its design while the manufacturing has been carried out entirely in Southern California (United States) so that the audiophile firm can pay attention to all the details of the production process. .

100% Audeze
The 80 x 70 mm planarmagnetic driver has a surface area three times larger than any supra-aural headphone in its class. Greater surface area means the ability to move more air, which means increased bass and dynamics.

Planomagnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response
Premium leather for style and durability
Clean-lined design designed by DesignWorks USA, BMW Group
Lightweight and foldable so that it is comfortable to take them anywhere
2.5 m stereo cable and 3.5 mm to ¼” adapter

Audeze technology included
Fazor Elements
Fluxor Magnets
Uniforce Diaphragms

Style: Closed supra-aural
Magnetic Array: Single-sided Fluxor
Magnet type: Neodymium
Diaphragm: Uniforce
Transducer size: 80 x 70mm
Maximum power supported: 6W
Sound pressure level: >120dB
Frequency response: 10Hz – 50kHz
THD (Harmonic Distortion): <1% across the spectrum @ 100dB
Impedance: 20 ohms
Optimal power requirement: 500mW – 1W
Weight: 230g

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