Arooj Aftab, on tour in Spain, is the "queen of the night"

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Arooj Aftab, on tour in Spain, is the “queen of the night”

The Brooklyn-based Pakistani singer Arooj Aftab, author of the acclaimed 'Vulture Prince' (2021), and winner of a Grammy for the chilling 'Mohabbat', returns with a new album, the fourth of her career (or fifth if we count her collaborative album of 2023 with Vijay Iyer and Shahzad Ismaily, 'Love in Exile'). 'Night Reign' comes out on May 31 and The New York Times says it is the most “pop” she has ever signed.

The first preview of 'Neight Rein' attests to this. 'Raat Ki Rani' is one of Arooj Aftab's most immediate compositions as it is based on a percussion groove reminiscent of qawwali, the religious music of Pakistan. To the base, Arooj adds his typical jazz notes using pianos and harps, and from the mix a pop song is born that seems to float in the air.

Rhythmic, but as soulful as Arooj Aftab's compositions usually are, 'Raat Ki Rani' addresses a “queen of the night” who dances with a “sparkle in her eyes.”

On the other hand, in recent days a second preview of 'Night Reign', 'Whiskey', has been released, this time performed in English. “You drink too much whiskey when you're with me,” Arooj sings the chorus of this song “scented” with notes of noir jazz.

Arooj Aftab will present 'Night Reign' in Spain next October: it will be on October 29 at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona and on October 30 at the Madrid Jazz Festival.

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