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Ariana Grande talks about her “vulnerable” new album

Ariana Grande is about to release a new album. ‘Eternal Sunshine’ comes out on March 8, boosted by the international success of ‘yes, and?’, a song 100% inspired by the dance-pop of the 90s, especially ‘Vogue’ by Madonna.

‘Eternal Sunshine’ will be made up of 13 tracks, and the titles of three of them are already known. ‘Si y?’ It is – be careful – track 9 despite being the first single. In addition, the album will open with ‘intro (end of the world)’ and will include the title track.

Information about ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is scarce. So much so that Grande wanted to reveal a few details about the album. He did so by publishing a video recorded many months ago on Instagram, in which he presents the project in front of his team. At this point, the title of ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is provisional and Ariana has yet to properly record vocals and orchestrations.

Ariana gets emotional talking about the album and holds back tears remembering that she has been in music for “10 or 12” years. The album, Grande says, has emerged “quite quickly.” Next, Grande explains that ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is a “more or less conceptual” album because all its tracks are “intensified pieces of the same story and the same experience.” On the musical side, Grande details two facets of the album. On the one hand, the album “plays” with the “version” of her that “people expect.” On the other hand, it brings together a series of “vulnerable” songs.

‘Eternal Sunshine’ will mark Grande’s return to the front line of pop after many years: ‘Positions’ dates back to 2021. ‘Wicked’, the musical in which she stars, premieres on November 27.

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