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Ariana Grande pays tribute to Madonna and Paula Abdul in ‘yes, and?’

Ariana Grande has -finally- released a new single, her first in three years. ‘Si y?’ leaves behind the R&B cadences of Grande’s previous work and fully surrenders to the house-pop rhythms of the late ’80s and early ’90s, so much so as to be styled in the style of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ in more ways than one .

What ‘yes, and?’ It would be inspired by Madonna’s 1990 classic, it was rumored in recent days. There doesn’t seem to be a specific sample or “interpolation” in the song, but Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh seem to have made a point of reproducing the percussion and atmosphere of Madonna and Shep Pettibone’s production. Surely Ciccone, who already collaborated with Grande narrating the video for ‘God is a woman’, is not surprised by the inspiration.

‘Si y?’ It is so nostalgic that it dares to incorporate an intro of ALMOST A MINUTE (!!), in these current times. Ari inhabits the production of ‘yes, and?’ with maximum elegance. In today’s Song Of The Day, of course also the first Whitney Houston could have been a reference, but Grande vocally opts for restraint.

The love of ‘yes, and?’ as a popular anthem is also evident. Like Beyoncé’s ‘Break My Soul’, Grande’s new single invites you to sweat out your problems on the dance floor by giving voice to an indeterminate plural. “Everyone is tired, or is healing from someone or something that cannot be seen at first glance,” Grande sings, inviting “turn on the light when you feel in the dark.”

Grande had already flirted with the dance floor in songs like ‘Be Alright’ or ‘Greedy’, from her 2016 album ‘Dangerous Woman’, or of course in ‘Break Free’, in any case sounding of their time. ‘Si y?’ It is one of his productions most based on the past.

In the video clip for the song, the artist once again represents her desire to make the listener dance. The first one to do it is, in fact, her. However, she addresses a specific sector: critics. Almost asking them to put aside their scrutiny and inciting them to dance, Ariana Grande tries to ward off controversies through music and choreography. The video is a reference to ‘Cold Hearted’ by Paula Abdul.

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