Ariana Grande, top 1 on Spotify globally with 'yes, and?'

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Ariana Grande loses number 1 in the United Kingdom

Ariana Grande’s new era does not begin with the best possible news. The artist, who published her song ‘yes, and?’ last Friday, is not managing to debut at number 1 on the international charts. Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom are already some of the countries in which it is confirmed that she does not top the singles chart.

The artist already started suffering from the predictions, where they did not place her at the top of the list. In the United Kingdom, for example, the mid-week prediction placed it at number 2. In her fight for first place, the singer has published more than a dozen remixes of the same song in order to inflate sales. Releasing the instrumental version of the song, the extended version of the song or the instrumental version of the extended version of the song have been some of her various tactics.

Despite her efforts, Ariana Grande has officially missed out on her UK No. 1 debut. She has done it for only 600 copies difference. Accumulating a third week at the top, Noah Kahan and his ‘Stick Season’ prevent ‘yes, and?’ take first place. The Grammy-nominated singer for Breakthrough Artist has moved 72,235 units (8 vinyls, 1,735 downloads and 70,492 streaming), compared to Ariana Grande’s 71,636 units (4,669 CDs, 3,493 vinyls, 5,495 downloads and 57,979 streaming).

This is Ariana Grande’s first entry on the UK chart since 2021, where previous lead singles like ‘thank u, next’ and ‘positions’ did manage to debut at number 1. Next Monday her final position will be revealed on the Hot 100 of Billboard in the United States, where it also maintains an even fight with ‘Lovin On Me’ by Jack Harlow. Have her attempts borne fruit there?

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