Ariana Grande announces 'eternal sunshine', her seventh album

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Ariana Grande announces ‘eternal sunshine’, her seventh album

Ariana Grande is already finalizing preparations for the release of ‘eternal sunshine’, which will mark her seventh album. After the release of her main single last Friday, which indicates that it is a project marked by dance music, the artist has announced today the title, cover and release date of her new album, which will be released on the 8th of March.

The album’s title, ‘eternal sunshine’, is a reference to the film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (2004) by Michel Gondry. In Spain it was distributed under the name ‘Forget about me’. The film explores love and loss when a couple decides to erase the memories of their relationship, highlighting the importance of accepting both joy and pain for personal growth. Grande declared herself a fan of her leading lady, Jim Carrey, when she worked with him during the filming of ‘Kidding’ in 2019: “There is nothing more surreal than coming to work and spending time with someone you have idolized and adored since before they even knew how to speak.”

The album will have a standard cover (the one at the top of this article) and four alternatives, of which only one has yet been revealed. Furthermore, Ariana Grande has not yet given any information regarding the tracklist, as she is focusing on the promotion of ‘yes, and?’, which is predicted to debut at number 2 on the US Hot 100. In her fight for first position, the artist has published up to twelve versions of the song, which he hopes will serve to increase sales during this first week.

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