“Are custom earplugs good for swimming?”

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“Are custom earplugs good for swimming?”

The information stand that UMusic has set up in the Village of the Barcelona 2013 World Swimming Championships is serving to verify the interest that custom-made caps arouse among those who practice swimming. Furthermore, the new Trendy Colors line is the one that most attracts the little ones, as confirmed by Josep Viaplana, one of the hearing care professionals who has been serving the public at the aforementioned stand. Viaplana points out that the profile of people who come to the UMusic tent “is very varied, since there are people from older people to young people and children; and everyone is very interested in the advantages of these custom-made earplugs, made of hypoallergenic silicone and which are not only indicated for people who practice swimming, but also for people with a tendency to suffer from otitis if water gets into their ears.”

Viaplana, who works in one of the two centers that UMusic has in Sabadell (Barcelona), explains that to make this type of custom protectors it takes 8 to 10 days, since first you have to create an impression of the ear canal and then you have to Send it to the factory to generate the final mold.

Apart from the aforementioned Trendy Colors line, the exclusive model of custom-made caps that UMusic has created for the World Swimming Championships, in blue and white and which includes the competition’s logo, is also generating a lot of interest.

Many people also ask about neoprene headbands, which are adjustable to the head and can be used in conjunction with earplugs for total protection.

The UMusic information stand will remain installed in the Village of the Barcelona 2013 World Swimming Championships until August 4, when the competition ends. UMusic is also one of the official sponsors of these championships, which were inaugurated with a spectacular ceremony on July 19.

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