Arde Bogotá y Bunbury comparten una nueva versión de “La Salvación”

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Arde Bogotá and Bunbury share a new version of “La Salvación”

BunburyEdit and Bogotá burns they sign a duet version of that gold single that is The Salvationn. Without a doubt, an experience for the people of Cartagena and another milestone in his career by sharing one of his most special songs with the leader of Héroes del Silencio.

It was clear that the paths between Arde Bogotá and Bunbury were going to cross sooner or later. There are many who have seen in the Cartagena band a reincarnation in body or spirit of Héroes del Silencio. And that's what it's about The Salvation, of an encounter that may never happen again and that, for better or worse, arises. This new version of the emotional song by the Murcians preserves the original essence but adds nuances of hope and consolation with Bunbury's voice and with some modifications in terms of instrumentation.

The Salvation becomes a more epic anthem with this new joint proposal with Bunbury, produced by Campi Cramponmixed by Carlos Raya and with mastering by Fred Kevorkian.

On the other hand, Arde Bogotá have achieved the certification of several gold records for some singles, including a platinum for the iconic hit from their latest album, “Los Perros.” Due to the success they have experienced thanks to A3 Cowboys (23), the band does not stop winning awards and sweeping every show they give, obtaining the recognition they deserve.

The band is still on tour and in May they will take a great professional leap with their three dates in Mexico, specifically for the Foro del Lago at the San Marcos National Fair on May 5thhe May 8 in the C3 Rooftop and finally the May 11 in Sonoramex.

In addition, the group will visit several cities in Spain in the coming months, such as the Valencia Arts Festival on June 7ththe Granada Sound of Granada on September 13th or the two dates at the Sant Jordi Club that are scheduled for the days December 27 and 28. You can check the list of dates and get your tickets at this link.

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