Arcángel says that reggaeton is the "poorest genre"

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Arcángel says that reggaeton is the “poorest genre”

Arcángel, one of the most popular reggaeton singers for years, as it is very common to see him positioned at number 1 on the Spanish charts, has stated that reggaeton seems to him to be the “poorest musical genre that exists.”

Speaking on the YouTube channel MoluscoTV, Arcángel has said that “reggaeton is one of the musically poorest genres that exist in the history of music,” arguing that “it is not the same as making music that you have to know about.” involving a group of musicians in a studio, that a type of music that is made “by making tracks with a finger” and where “everything is synthetic.” Arcángel reaffirms his position, arguing that “in reggaeton, if you dress well, you already have a place,” and defiantly declares: “Criticize me, look at how I’m talking about my own gender. I just said that reggaeton musically compared to others is shit. Because musically it is a very poor genre. “Real music is played so that you feel the vibe.”

Arcángel begins his diatribe by warning that he “is not one to disrespect any musical genre,” but goes on to say that it seems unfair to him that a reggaeton artist who “makes tracks with one finger” becomes a millionaire, while another who has studied at a conservatory and is a “Beethoven fan” cannot make a living as the reggaeton artist. What’s more, Arcángel assures that in the world of reggaeton “the producer makes the tracks” but the artist “takes the credit.”

Finally, Arcángel once again ratifies his position and concludes that “musically, what I do is very poor in terms of musical richness.”

Arcángel is the author of albums like ‘Sr. Santos’ (2022) or, lately, ‘Sentimiento, Elegancia y Más Maldad’ (2023), and has collaborated with all the reggaeton superstars that can come to mind, from Bad Bunny to Young Miko to Myke Towers. What, for example, Bad Bunny or Karol G, who have undoubtedly contributed to enriching and dignifying reggaeton in various ways, will think of Arcángel’s words about this musical style, remains to be seen.

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