Anthem MDX-12 power amp for custom installations

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Anthem MDX-12 power amp for custom installations

Aware of the growing importance of audiovisual equipment large-scale in prestigious residential spaces, the renowned Canadian firm Anthem has just added a new model to its catalog of electronics intended for personalized installations, which combines conceptual simplicity, technical sophistication and extreme robustness: the power stage MDX-12. Specially designed to satisfy high demands in what is also known as distributed soundis materialized in a stylized and compact (occupies a rack space of only 1U) design of 12 channels extremely versatile capable of sound with authority up to 6 zones thanks to its output of 12×75 W continuous over 8 ohms or 2×150 W continuous over 4 ohms. These spectacular figures, in such a compact product, can even increase in case the user needs extra watts (or drive particularly “difficult” speakers), since the new Anthem is capable of jump in monkey each pair of channels and thus deliver 6×280 W continuous over 8 ohms.

anthem mdx12

Despite this, the operating temperature is maintained at moderate levels even in particularly intense working conditions courtesy of a studied cooling by fans. Regarding the output section of the MDX-12, it should also be noted that combines Class D amplification latest generation and high efficiency with a effective protection system “non-intrusive” in the audio signal, which monitors possible excess current, voltage and temperature. In the functional area, the mentioned features are complemented with simple and effective configuration options in equal parts via intuitive controls that adapt seamlessly to the needs of each installation. This means that it is each zone can be configured in a completely personalized way, from the assignment of the input source to the name of said zone, with independent settings of parameters such as start-up mode and input gain, input selection and monophonic connection in each zone.

Anthem MDX-12

In terms of connectivitythere are 6 pairs of inputs with RCA connectors, 2 pairs of inputs with RCA connectors for routing, a trigger signal loop with 3.5 mm jacks and 2 outputs with RCA routing connectors, while the connection to speakers It is carried out using 6 Phoenix-type connectors (each of which includes terminals intended for the left and right channels). The MDX-12 is completed with a extremely careful manufacturing quality which highlights the presence of exceptionally robust active and passive components.

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