Andrew Bird publicará un álbum como trío de jazz

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Andrew Bird to release album as jazz trio

Andrew Bird announces publication for the end of May “Sunday Morning Put-On”a jazz work fronted by the Andrew Bird Trio.

Andrew Bird thus pays tribute to his influences from the world of jazz with an album dedicated to this musical style: “Sunday Morning Put-On”, which will be available on May 24. In advance of her new album, Bird has shared the single “I Fall In Love Too Easily.”

Andrew Bird is preparing for a new adventure, giving a twist to the sound we are used to and leaning towards its influences in jazz. To achieve this, the violinist is accompanied by Alan Hampton in the bass and Ted Poor in the percussions, in order to give life to the Andrew Bird Trio.

Andrew Bird who, to get inspiration for this album, has traveled back in time, specifically to when he was in his twenties when he lived in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago: “Most Saturday nights I stayed up listening to a radio show called “Blues Before Sunrise”. The DJ, Steve CushingI played old and rare 78 rpm records from blues, jazz and gospel. She then slept for a few hours and woke up for the program. Dick Buckley, which featured what he called jazz from the “Golden Era” of the 1930s and 1940s. My love for a certain era of jazz up to the mid-20th century has been constant through many transmutations in my own work, most of which is not jazz at all.”

Andrew says that “once I had some distance, I wanted to immerse myself in jazz again. Working with the masterful rhythm section of Ted Poor and Alan Hampton, we were walking a very fine line. Each song had to try to transcend nostalgia and jazz with a capital letter, which led us to play fewer notes and sing much more than I expected.”

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