Ana Mena will join Malú in her song 'Diles'

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Ana Mena will join Malú in her song ‘Diles’

Malú had 2023 marked in red on his agenda. The artist celebrates 25 years since she released her debut song, ‘Apprentice’, and plans to celebrate this important date for her. Although until now she had not given many details about her intentions, she has already revealed that it will be Ana Mena who will accompany her at the beginning of this new adventure.

The only thing that was known so far was that Malú was working on an album of collaborations. Now, it seems evident that this album will bring together the most important songs of her career. The first of them to see the light will be his ‘Diles’, a song that belongs to Malú’s album of the same name. And, accompanying her almost 20 years after she published it, will be Ana Mena.

“It’s about time… Malú, tell them!!!!,” wrote the author of ‘Madrid City’ in an Instagram post. Malú responded instantly: “You are right… Friday 10/20.” The song will be out in just a week, so we’ll barely have to wait to see how both artists sound together.

This collaboration is especially significant for Ana Mena because ‘Diles’ was the first song she performed live on television when they were just a child. Now, she will do it again but with the one she gave life to in 2005.

Malú’s new project will see her and other artists re-record part of her discography, a movement that is becoming fashionable in the music industry. A few days ago Melendi published her anthem ‘Con la lunaful’ with the company of Manuel Carrasco, which will be part of her future album ’20 años sin Noticias’, where she will also review her career.

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