Ana Frango Elétrico hits the boogie in 'Electric Fish'

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Ana Frango Elétrico hits the boogie in ‘Electric Fish’

Ana Frango Elétrico is the project of Ana Faria Fainguelernt, a singer and producer from Rio de Janeiro who has been active for a few years. Her first album, ‘Mormaço Queima’, was released in 2018, proposing an interesting mix of bossa nova and pop-rock. The second, ‘Little Electric Chicken Heart’, published in 2019, was based on the same sound premise as the previous one and received a nomination at the 2020 Latin GRAMMYs.

Apart from her albums, Ana Frango Elétrico has managed to capture the attention of the public (and critics like Anthony Fantano) thanks to two singles, ‘Mama Planta Baby’ and, above all, ‘Mulher homem bicho’, which exceeds 2 million plays on Spotify.

These days, Fainguelernt has released his third album, ‘Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua’. Without completely moving away from the sound of previous works, Ana Frango’s new album Eléctrico introduces new disco rhythms to her proposal, for example in ‘Boy of Stranger Things’ or in the most popular song, ‘Electric Fish’. It’s today’s Song Of The Day.

Inspired by the grooves of boogie music from the late 70s, a music that of course also came to Brazil from -for example- Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti and their ‘Aleluia’, ‘Electric Fish’ does not eat the head using guitars reminiscent of Nile Rodgers and, also using the percussions and wind instruments typical of said musical style.

Proof that well-placed “pa pa para ra” always works within a song, ‘Electric Fish’ also contains a decidedly Mediterranean and, specifically, Italian touch, in the type of melodies and choruses used that are reminiscent of the work of another contemporary band that practices a similar sound, Nu Genea.

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