Amaia, Bisbal, Llergo, Salvador Sobral… to the Goyas

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Amaia, Bisbal, Llergo, Salvador Sobral… to the Goyas

The 38th edition of the Goya Awards, which will be held on February 10 at the Valladolid Fair, has already confirmed the musical performances that will feature at the ceremony. Among the artists who will take the stage at the Goya 2024, Amaia Romero, David Bisbal and Salvador Sobral stand out.

Taking over from Natalia Lafourcade, Manuel Carrasco, Pablo López or Guitarricadelafuente, who performed at last year’s Goya, up to 8 artists will take the microphone at the Goya 2024 in just over a week. Amaia, David Bisbal, Estopa, María José Llergo, India Martínez, Niña Pastori, Sílvia Pérez Cruz and Salvador Sobral will do it.

This will not be the first time that some of the announced artists perform at the Goya. Amaia Romero, for example, already did it in 2019 with Rozalén and Judit Neddermann, while she repeated it in 2020 to pay tribute to Marisol. Now, in addition, she will sing after her debut as an actress in ‘La Mesías’.

Another curiosity emanates from María José Llergo, who also has experience getting on the Goya stage. However, like Sílvia Pérez Cruzla, she has it for having won the trophy. In 2022, the artist took home the statuette for best original song for her song ‘The Sea Awaits You’ for the film ‘Mediterranean’. Her performance on February 10 at the Goya 2024 will serve to close a cycle.

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