Almodóvar charges against Ayuso for calling Spain a “dictatorship”

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Almodóvar sends support to Sánchez and asks the left to mobilize

Pedro Almodóvar signs a new column in, in which he reflects on the latest events related to Pedro Sánchez and his possible resignation from the presidency of the Government, announced this Wednesday, April 24. Sánchez has published his 'Letter to the Citizens' as a result of the suspicious complaint by Clean Hands, a far-right pseudo-union, against his wife, Begoña Gómez, for two alleged crimes: influence peddling and business corruption. The complaint, although it has been admitted for processing, is watered down, as it is based on newspaper clippings, and Manos Fácils has acknowledged that it may be based on false information.

The weakness of the complaint by Hands Cleans against Begoña Gómez has not prevented the Spanish right and extreme right from mobilizing against Pedro Sánchez by appealing to the “sentimentalism” of his letter – in which Sánchez acknowledges being “deeply in love” with his wife and, conversely, , not having any attachment to their position – or to a supposed “neglect” of their functions. Next Monday, April 29, Sánchez will communicate his decision whether or not to continue in the Government.

Almodóvar has come across the 'Citizenship Charter' in the middle of filming his next film and wanted to write a text in which he shows his understanding of Sánchez's decision to take a period of reflection to decide on his professional future. Almodóvar acknowledges that he faced Sánchez's letter tired after a long day of work, and that, upon reading it, he burst into tears.

“It seems that Pedro Sánchez's humanity is not recognized; he is obliged by his position to be superhuman,” says the filmmaker. Almodóvar writes that “there is no human being who can resist what the most resistant of our presidents has been suffering in recent years, in an escalation that surpasses everything imaginable,” and describes the “new technique to overthrow the political adversary” that is being using against Sánchez to weaken him. A technique that consists of “harassing him through the media and judicially until he breaks him.” Sánchez already invokes this technique in his letter, appealing to the concept of “The Mud Machine” by Umberto Eco. It would not be such a “new” technique even if Almodóvar claims so.

In the text, Almodóvar is concerned about the current state of democracy, which he perceives as “meager” and “decreased”, and takes advantage of his final words to ask the left to mobilize to support Sánchez. Although Almodóvar will not be in Spain on Monday, but in New York, filming, he asks the left to “wake up from its nightmare and stupor” and organize “some act of support for our president (to) show the other Spain that we are many, as many as them.

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