Almodóvar charges against Ayuso for calling Spain a “dictatorship”

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Almodóvar charges against Ayuso for calling Spain a “dictatorship”

Pedro Almodóvar has written a new column for El Diario. This time he has chosen as his topic the PP demonstration called in every provincial capital square in the country, against the imminent Amnesty law that the new government is expected to approve. Almodóvar’s column is about a walk through the city this Sunday, with at times terrifying overtones (“And I breathe deeply, when I am inside my doorway”) and with a certain touch of humor (the lady who smiles at him and says ” be careful”).

But the most striking thing is its paragraph dedicated to the president of the Community of Madrid, who has declared that Spain is “a dictatorship.” Pedro criticizes the «delirious and monotonous style of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in which she also insists on her “star” idea that we live in a dictatorship (she does not realize that in a dictatorship it was impossible to go out into the streets and fill the squares, unless the demonstration was called by Franco’s power).

Almodóvar continues: «In the hubbub of his soliloquy I thought I understood something like “we will return blow for blow.” What blows was Ayuso referring to? I haven’t managed to understand it. I think Ayuso needs a diction teacher, who knows how to place his voice so that his speeches transmit the tremendous epic that lies in his words, at the moment the words are piling up in his mouth, in a chaotic and monotonous way » .

Pedro considers the response to the Popular Party’s call “massive” and describes the people he sees on the street as “normal people, angry but not violent.” He also adds: «If I had to shoot a film that took place during the riots of the last nine days at the intersection of Ferraz and Marqués de Urquijo streets, I would start with a long shot of some madmen throwing containers at the riot police, between gas bombs. tear gas, which would give the scene a stylized and dreamlike air, would move the camera backwards to show that the image is being seen through an elliptical hole and at the end of the shot you discover that it is a reddish flag, to which “The content of that hole is missing.”

In the phrase that gives the article its title, Almodóvar questions the appropriation of that flag by half of the population: “it’s my street. And my flag.

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