Alizzz and his girl, lost in the crowd

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Alizzz and his girl, lost in the crowd

This Friday 'Reckless Driving' is published, Alizzz's second, which will consolidate him as a soloist after the great success of 'There has to be something else', apart from his work with C. Tangana or Amaia. It will be our Album of the Week. We have already known the formidable 'Despertar' with Maria Arnal, that 'Lost Highway' that almost gives the album its title, and now it is the turn of 'Where are you'. Our Song of the Day today has been made known in a very particular way.

Before the song reaches streaming platforms in the traditional way, 'Where are you' has been released exclusively on Filmin through a video clip directed by Félix Bollaín, who made 'Ya no vales' from the previous album or 'Sana Sana ' by Nathy Peluso.

The video is quite literal with respect to what the lyrics tell us, presenting Alizzz lost in the crowd, looking for his girl. With difficulties finding or connecting with her. The video has been conceived as “a particular tribute to the cinema that inspires Alizzz: from Cronenberg to Haneke through David Lynch. In addition, Filmin presents a channel with the singer and producer's favorite movies.

'Where are you' is another song that, like so many others by Alizzz alone, swings between rock and electronica. The guitars may remind us of the first Radiohead, or our subconscious must be betraying us due to the connection that this video may have with that of 'Just'. An urban environment marked by capitalist hyperactivity.

But in this case we are faced with a love song, with another of the house's trademarks: everyday life and colloquial language. “Do you have cash?” rhymes with “Don't move, I'm going there now,” among other search phrases like “I see you and you disappear.”

Alizzz will be the next guest on our Revelation or Timo podcast. You can hear it next week. Remember that you can see Alizzz this summer at festivals like Madrid's Tomavistas, which takes place this May with headliners like The Blaze, Phoenix, Belle & Sebastian and Los Planetas playing 'Súper 8'.

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