Alice Glass versiona en clave electrónica “Drown” de Smashing Pumpkins

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Alice Glass covers “Drown” by Smashing Pumpkins in an electronic key

Canadian singer Alice Glass has shared a version of the song Smashing Pumpkins from 1992's “Drown.” The artist has recorded this tribute with the producer and regular collaborator Jupiter Keyes.

This theme of the American formation led by Billy Corgan was one of the songs that made up the soundtrack of the romantic comedy Cameron Crowe “Singles”which took place in seattle. Later the song was also part of the compilation “(Rotten Apples) The Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits”.

In a press release collected by the media Pitchfork, Alice Glass assures that “'Drown' is not just a cover, it is a testament to resilience and artistic integrity.” He further adds: “I believe in the power of art to transcend betrayal and disappointment.”

This version of “Drown” comes from a supposed compilation project in which they asked glass that participated, but that was never completed, according to the artist herself. However, this did not stop the Canadian singer and that is why she has shared her version of this mythical song by Smashing Pumpkins. “This release is a declaration of autonomy and a reminder that true art cannot be stifled by broken promises,” he declares. Alice Glass in their press release.

The release of “Drown” constitutes the Canadian's first official release this year. Before, in 2022 and after separating from his bandmate in Crystal CastlesGlass shared his debut solo album, “Prey//IV” and, last year, he joined Pussy Riot ya Boys Noize to release a song called “Chastity.”

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