Alcalá Norte, Karmento, La Trinidad… on tour with AIEnRuta

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Alcalá Norte, Karmento, La Trinidad… on tour with AIEnRuta

A total of twenty groups and soloists will tour various venues in Spain in 2024 thanks to the AIEnRuta Artistas program organized by AIE (Society of Performing Artists), which seeks to publicize the new values ​​of popular music by giving them the opportunity to present your proposals live.

The second cycle of AIEnRuta Artistas of 2024 will take place between the months of September and December and will feature some artists that we have recently highlighted in these pages, such as Alcalá Norte, authors of the current Record of the Week with their impressive debut album, From Madrid; Júlia Colom from the Balearic Islands; Karmento from Castilla-La Mancha, La Trinidad from Andalusia, or Socunbohemio from Catalonia.

From Madrid, Al Dual will also be present at AIEnRuta on the one hand and, on the other, Hafa Afrosweet. Aldakan, Cápsula, Ezezez and J Martina are confirmed from the Basque Country. Also coming from Andalusia are Cosmic Wacho and Ofiuca Never. Anna Colom, Faneka and Ketekalles join from Catalonia. On the other hand, Guild Artists come from Aragon, Levitants from Castilla y León, Nine Unknowns from Valencia and Sara Zamora from Murcia.

How is the AIEnRuta agenda programmed? A committee of experts meets twice a year to evaluate the proposals that will be selected to participate in the two annual cycles. The artists and groups participating in the 1st Cycle (January to June) are selected in October of the previous year and those in the 2nd Cycle (September to December) in April of the current year.

Since its inception, in May 1995, AIE has programmed more than 7,000 concerts by 1,612 artists and groups of different origins and styles, with an attendance of some 310,000 spectators, in the more than 664 venues that have hosted the program in 233 cities. Among the artists who have passed through AIEnRuta are Love of Lesbian, Vetusta Morla, Estopa, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Rodrigo Cuevas or Russian Red.

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