Albert Pla publica el tema “Bombas en Madrid”

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Albert Pla publishes the song “Bombas en Madrid”

As he continues his tour “Rumbagenarios”, Albert Pla shares the song “Bombas en Madrid” with the special collaboration of Alfred Garcia.

Although it is not a new song, but has been playing for years in Albert Pla's live shows since it was part of the Radio 3 and RTVE audiovisual project to celebrate the eighty years of Pablo Picasso's Guernica, this is the first time that Pla records the song in the studio and does so in collaboration with none other than Alfred Garcia. In addition, it is published, continuing with Pla's trend of touching noses, on Community of Madrid Day.

Thus, to the acoustic version that we knew of the song, this much richer version is now added, with arrangements that make it a solid song and in which the voices of Pla and Alfred share the spotlight, telling us a raw story of what could occur if a massive bombing had fallen on Madrid instead of Guernica. This release is also the first with the record company Polita Beara record label owned by Last Tour.

Regarding the concert list of “Rumbagenarios” with The Surprise Band, is the following:

Friday May 3 10:00 p.m. €23.00
Oasis, Zaragoza
Saturday May 18 9:00 p.m. €25
Es Gremi, Palma de Mallorca
Friday May 31 8:00 p.m. €24 + Meritxell Neddermann (Observ Festival)
Festival Site, Sabadell (Barcelona)
Wednesday, July 10 – Saturday, July 13 10.28am
Cruïlla Festival
Thursday 11 July – Saturday 13 July 10.28am
Saturday July 13 11:00 p.m. From €22
Gardens of Camp de Mart / Tarragona, Tarragona
Friday 27 Sep 9:00 p.m. €25
Pandora, Seville
Friday 18 Oct 9:00 p.m. €25
Capitol, A Coruña
Saturday 30 Nov 9:00 p.m. €26
Mamba Room, Murcia
Friday 10 Jan 9:00 p.m. €28
Moon, Valencia
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