airu look for the future in an ass in 'See you from behind'

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airu look for the future in an ass in ‘See you from behind’

airu, the Bilbao band composed of Irune Vega, Erik González, Patricia Echanove and Jon Gómez, releases its first album this Friday, October 27 through the Oso Polita label. ‘With the good and with sorrow’ includes the five singles that airu has released throughout 2023, these are, ‘I place my feet’, ‘It’s all a confinement’, ‘In the beyond’, ‘Dancing on my back ‘ and ‘It’s for your own good.’

This album made up of 12 tracks also contains the sixth and last single. ‘See you from behind’ follows the usual line of airu songs and, based on a grateful – and melancholic – mix of guitar-pop and dream-pop, it is dedicated to observing an ass.

As if the loved one’s ass were an… oracle that predicts the future of a relationship, something like Alaska’s crystal ball, but turned into a pair of buttocks, airu observes the loved one’s butt and anticipates the arrival for an answer that clarifies your romantic doubts. “Seeing you from behind gives me so much to think / That’s the good thing about seeing you go / I don’t think it’s so bad to look / Keep an eye on you and know what to expect,” Irune sings in the chorus.

The video for ‘See you on your back’, directed by Nora O. Testori, and which we premiere today on JENESAISPOP, plays with the theme of the song. Its story revolves around the search for an ass, which includes the casting, the chase and the interrogation, and finally the friendly reunion.

Filmed on the beaches of Arena (Muskiz) and Gorrondatxe (Getxo) and in the urbanization of Sopelmar (Sopela), as well as in Neguri (Getxo), Azkorri (Getxo) and Rontegui (Barakaldo), the video for ‘Seeing You Back ‘plays with the idea of ​​the ridiculous both narratively and visually.

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