Adrianne Lenker gives sadness in 'Sadness as a Gift'

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Adrianne Lenker gives sadness in ‘Sadness as a Gift’

There are many Big Thief songs that fans feel like a gift, but few will enjoy the magic that has surrounded ‘Sadness as a Gift’ since its first live performance. After two years in which the group’s listeners have been demanding an official release for the song, today it has finally been published as part of the announcement of ‘Bright Future’, Adrianne Lenker’s new solo album.

Willing to give away the sadness that has moved her fans so much in the concerts in which she has sung it, Lenker presents her next album in style with the release of the studio version of ‘Sadness as a Gift’. “We could see sadness as a gift and still feel that it weighs too much,” sings the artist in a song that shines for the folk harmonies that surround it and the beautiful narrative that gives it life.

Accompanied by absolutely visual verses that travel through time, Adrianne Lenker sings of nature as she seeks it as consolation after a failed relationship. The sky, fireflies and snow are some of the elements in which the author takes refuge. “The snow that falls preventing it from calling / Watch the spring turning into winter / The fireflies freezing / The seasons passing quickly / And I thought this one was going to last,” Lenker laments, surrounded by the beauty of the melody.

Unlike the ballad ‘Ruined’, where the piano is the key piece, the artist opts this time for an atmosphere also composed of guitar and violins. The theme, however, remains the same: the restlessness that a romantic fall leaves behind. The two singles set the bar high for ‘Bright Future’, which is released on March 22. It seems quite evident that sadness will play a major role throughout the album; However, at this point, it is also quite evident that it will be one of her greatest strengths.

‘Bright Future’ Tracklist:
1. Royal House
2. Sadness as a Gift
3. Fool
4.No Machine
5. Free Treasure
6. Vampire Empire
7. Evol
8. Candleflame
9. Already Lost
10. Cell Phone Says
11. Donut Seam

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