Adrià Salas vuelve a volar en solitario con “Aire y tierra”

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Adrià Salas flies solo again with “Air and Earth”

Right now, The sticker They are on tour, but recently announced a break for the next year that Adrià Salasits vocalist, will take advantage of the opportunity to publish a new solo work.

Adrià Salas, singer of the band La Pegatina, presents the first track of his new album. In it he reveals where this album will go stylistically and also underlines that it will be a solo album, since it does not have any collaborations as in other previous pieces. We will see if we find guest artists on the album. In the past, Salas collaborated with Lia Kali, Vicco, Mr. Kilombo, Panamera Collective either Paul Aloneamong others.

But let’s leave it to Adrià Salas himself to introduce us to this new single: “The song is a love letter based on the complementarity of the elements (air, earth, fire and water). It’s also about reaching a partner after having lived through many previous ones and realizing the experience and what you’re looking for now, knowing that the person in front of you has been through the same thing and is in the same moment.” The best thing is to also watch the video clip, since it shows us the process of recording the song with colleagues such as Miki from La Pegatina themselves.

This next album will follow “Revenge in Baku” and “Eclipse in Miura”both solo works by Salas, who has also composed for other artists such as Miki Nuñez, Vicco, Samantha or Sergio Dalma.

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