A techno chotis for Europe?  DeTeresa says that 'PIRULI'

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A techno chotis for Europe? DeTeresa says that 'PIRULI'

The recovery of tradition is going too far. And that's good news. Coinciding with the San Isidro festivities in Madrid, the Madrid singer DeTeresa has teamed up with Alba Morena to renew an unexpected genre, the chotis.

The result of this daring mix is ​​a song called 'PIRULÍ' that sounds as if Mueveloreina had sampled Celia Gámez. Without breaking a sweat, DeTeresa and Morena bill an unthinkable union between traditional Madrid and “Berlin” – cited in the lyrics – that aspires to reach the rest of Europe.

In the lyrics, too, DeTeresa and Morena imagine that success. They sing that they want to be famous and raise “nepobabies” and, furthermore, they seem to imagine participating in Eurovision: “It was so popular that Europe fell in love with it, I have to get going because the broadcast is at 9:30 p.m.” The YouTube comments section is full of comments asking to bring this to Benidorm Fest.

As you probably imagined, 'PIRULÍ' gets its title from Madrid's famous telecommunications tower, Torrespaña. The “Pirulí” of Madrid, in other words. The video clip was recorded there, where DeTeresa and Morena walk their chulapas.

DeTeresa published her EP 'Cristal Arcoiris' in 2024. And Alba Morena has also signed hers, 'I love you but'.

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