A Portishead and a Goldfrapp will release a joint album

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A Portishead and a Goldfrapp will release a joint album

Adrian Utley, one third of Portishead, and Will Gregory, half of Goldfrapp with Alison, will release a joint album. This was confirmed by Alison herself in an Instagram message. Asked if there will be a new Goldfrapp album, Alison stated “possibly”, but indicated that she is “not sure”, and confirmed that a new Utley and Gregory album is coming.

The truth is that Utley and Gregory have already worked together in the past, signing the soundtrack of 'Arcadia' (2018), a film by BAFTA-winning Scottish director Paul Wright. 'Arcadia' portrayed the “beauty, magic and brutality of rural England.”

Alison's response to the question about a hypothetical new Goldfrapp album is not very hopeful. However, she may simply be playing catch-up. From Goldfrapp's last album, 'Silver Eye', released in 2017, seven years ago. So we reviewed Goldfrapp's discography in search of his best album.

This week – next May 15 – marks one year since the release of 'The Love Invention', Alison Goldfrapp's first solo album. Promoted with singles such as 'NeverStop', one of the Best Songs of 2023, or 'Digging Deeper Now', 'The Love Invention' is part of the JENESAISPOP Yearbook with the Best Albums of 2023.

A remix album, 'The Love Reinvention', was released in December of that year. Additionally, Alison celebrates her 58th birthday today, May 13.

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