2nd cycle 2023 of AIEnRuta, with Alba Morena, The Last Neighbor…

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2nd cycle 2023 of AIEnRuta, with Alba Morena, The Last Neighbor…

The second cycle of AIEnRuta in 2023 continues with a series of concerts scheduled throughout the month of November. Among the confirmed artists are El Último Vecino, shego, Jimena Amarillo and Morreo, as well as the revelation artist Alba Moreno or the band airu.

Likewise, Alba Gil, Antía Muiño, Çantamarta, García Picasso, Ødei, Rosi de Palo, Sandra Monfort, Vera Fauna, shego, Parabellum and Sherry Fino are present in the second cycle of AIEnRuta. You can read the complete agenda of artists, venues and dates below these lines.

AIEnRUTa Artists is a program organized by AIE (Society of Performing Artists) that aims to promote live music, promote cultural exchange between artists from all autonomous communities, publicize new artistic values ​​by providing them with a framework for expression or Help and promote private initiative and the music market that today is developed in small and medium capacity venues.

November 10, in Trovam (Castellón)
Alba Gil
November 26, in Clamores (Madrid)
November 24, in Ct Avalon Gren (Soria)
Alba Morena
November 24, in Txintarri (Pamplona)

Antía Muiño
November 3, in El Refugio / Salvaje (Oviedo)
November 30, in El Intruso (Madrid)
November 4, at A Pousada (Boiro, A Coruña)
The Last Neighbor
November 3, in the Industrial Copera Garden (Granada)
November 24, Holiday (Monkey Week, Seville)
Garcia Picasso
November 24, at CC Galileo (Madrid)

Jimena Yellow
November 10, in Trovam (Castellón)
November 25, on Holiday (Monkey Week, Seville)

November 10, in Trovam (Castellón)
November 24, in La Chica de Ayer (Salamanca)
November 25, in El Desierto Rojo (Valladolid)

November 12, at El Sol (Madrid)
November 25, in La Boite (Lleida)

November 17, in Babylon (Leon)
November 18, at Carmen 13 (Burgos)

Rosin de Palo
November 2, in Dabadaba (San Sebastián)
November 3, in Txintarri (Pamplona)
November 15, in Heliogàbal (Barcelona)
November 26, at Velvet Club (Málaga)

Sandra Monfort
November 15, in Heliogàbal (Barcelona)
November 17, at Jazz Cava (Vic)
November 25, at CC Galileo (Madrid)
November 26, Lata Bomillas (Zaragoza)

November 16, in Las Armas (Zaragoza)
November 17, at El 21 (Huesca)

Sherry Fino
November 25, on Holiday (Monkey Week, Seville)

Vera Fauna
November 3, on the Ground Floor (Granada)
November 11, at Off Cultura (Badajoz)
November 24, Holiday (Monkey Week, Seville)

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