10 essential names of SanSan 2024

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10 essential names of SanSan 2024

SanSan will once again open the festival season with a new edition that will be celebrated in the middle of Holy Week on March 28, 29 and 30. Tickets are still on sale for an edition that will have a name as striking as Van Gogh’s Ear. We highlight the key names of SanSan 2024.

Two Door Cinema Club
Although they have continued with their career by releasing more or less interesting albums such as ‘Keep on Smiling’ (2022), Two Door Cinema Club continue to be the kings of the festivals thanks to the success of several of their first singles. ‘What You Know’ or ‘Something Good Can Work’ continue to liven up any summer festival worth its salt, and the public does not get tired – nor will it get tired – of them.

Van Gogh’s Ear
SanSan has been able to score several goals in recent times by appealing to nostalgia, for example, scheduling Dani Martín (and almost by default El Canto del Loco) in 2022. Van Gogh’s Ear is probably the big attraction of SanSan 2024 even above Two Door Cinema Club, because, after all, their catalog of classics is more extensive and the group – with Amaia or Leire – could not be more iconic. La Oreja will also begin its first festival tour in SanSan.

Another group absolutely inseparable from Spanish pop of the 2000s, although Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre have already been on the festival circuit for some time. In any case, Amaral’s is another of those golden repertoires of our pop and to think that in two days the SanSan audience will hear so many hits by La Oreja and Amaral is enough to give you an overdose of nostalgia and to start to Schedule a visit with the otorhinolaryngologist.

Bogotá burns
Among the great commercial revelations of recent years in national pop-rock, the name of Arde Bogotá stands out, in bold and relief. Not only is the group selling out tickets everywhere, but ‘COWBOYS DE LA A3’, their latest album, remains among the 20 most successful in Spain ONE YEAR after its release (it is in 18th place at the time of writing this article ). Their songs wanted to be anthems and they have achieved it, and the Murcian group continues to gain followers.

Old Morla
There was a day when Vetusta Morla seemed like the only Spanish headliner at the indie festivals in our country. Along with Love of Lesbian, that group that plays at absolutely every festival there is. Vetusta have clearly left their mark and probably without them we would not be talking here about Arde Bogotá or Viva Sweden. But the best thing about Vetusta is that they have managed to take their careers down much more interesting paths than anyone could have predicted.

The blue House
It was March 2019 when La Casa Azul’s latest album, ‘La gran sphere’, was released. Since then, Milkyway has released successful singles like ‘No Hay Future’. The release date of La Casa Azul’s next work remains a mystery. For now, Milkyway continues to present the best pop that can be made at festivals and will also be involved in Benidorm Fest as a jury.

Long live Sweden
One of the most popular pop-rock groups of the moment, Viva Sweden has just given new life to their album ‘El amor de la kinda que sea’ (2022) by publishing a reissue with new collaborations from Valeria Castro or Rozalén. The million-dollar success of ‘El bien’, ‘Talk about nothing’, ‘Good for you’ and ‘Just when the world tightens’ continues to ensure Viva Sweden a privileged place in our country’s festivals.

Panamera Collective
Colectivo Panamera’s live performance promises to be a real party thanks to its fusion of rock ‘n roll and Caribbean musical styles. Because the trio of Nacho Taboada, Pepe Curioni and Vanja Polaceki, although based in Madrid, has its sights set beyond the Atlantic: in their music they recover cumbia, calypso, rumba or carnavalito, mixing them into a whole that they encompass – never better said- in the term “panatropic cumbia”.

Judeline is one of the breakout artists of 2023. ‘Zahara’ has been one of the best songs of the year, ‘Canijo’ has taken her even higher thanks to Carioca funk, and the Cádiz native can boast of sharing space with Bad Bunny or Rauw Alejandro on the latest album by Tainy, one of the great current reggaeton superstars. With him, she just sang live. So 2024 has to be her year.

La La Love You
In the same month that La La Love You will offer the most important concert of their career at WIzink they will also be presenting ‘Blockbuster’ in Benicàssim. An album that has successfully overcome the challenge of overcoming the impact of ‘The End of the World’ – the indie anthem of the decade is approaching 120 million views on Spotify – thanks to the success of singles that are equally good or better like ‘ The beginning of something’ with Samuraï. They know what they are doing, and they do it very well.

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